Required Courses for the Master of Science
in Leadership and Management
Sem. Hrs.
Specific Courses  
LD 6551 Leadership Foundations 5
LD 6552 Building Effective Organizations 5
LD 6553 Leadership Vision and Values 5
LD 6555 Strategies for Organizational Change (Capstone Course) 5
LD 6557 Organizational Communication 5
RS 6539 Research and Evaluation 5
Total Specific Course Hours 30
Non-Specific Courses
The Student May Choose From Two of The Following:
LD 6520 Managerial Finance  
LD 6554 Systems for Today’s Leaders  
LD 6556 Organizational Group Leadership  
LD 6558 Theories of Motivational Leadership  
LD 6559 Military Leadership Models  
LD 6560 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution  
LD 6561 Organizational Development  
LD 6562 Spiritual Leadership within the Organization  
LD 6570 Organizational Behavior  
LD 6572 Management of Teams  
LD 6573 Project Management  
LD 6574 Leadership through Coaching and Mentoring  
LD 6575 Team Leadership for Church Development  
LD 6580 Human Resource Leadership  
RS 6545 Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology  
Total Non-Specific Course Hours 10
Total Hours for Masters Degree 40