BA in Biblical Studies





Like the Bachelor of Science in Ministry, the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies is a comprehensive professional program to prepare students for service in the church as pulpit ministers, elders, deacons, missionaries, and Bible teachers.  Also, this program helps prepare students for allied Christian leadership positions in youth services or as ministers of education at large congregations or chaplains in hospitals, the armed forces, universities, and correctional institutions.  Additionally, the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies has a focus on a scholarly approach to prepare students to pursue advanced degrees such as Amridge University’s Master of Arts in New Testament Studies and Master of Arts in Old Testament Studies, which include a concentration in biblical studies, including exegesis of Scripture in at least one of the original languages in which it was written.

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies program, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate skills and knowledge in general education areas that are foundation to life skills and further education;
  2. Impart knowledge of the Old Testament and the New Testament;
  3. Develop a basic explanation of Christianity; and
  4. Translate basic Greek or Hebrew into English.

A student may demonstrate achievement of these outcomes by receiving a passing grade in the course and on the Program Exit Exam administered in the following capstone course:

            FD 3401 – Hermeneutics

The Course Requirements of 128 semester credit hours for the degree program Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies includes general education courses (40 semester hours), program specific courses (36 semester hours), elective courses (48 semester hours), and a capstone course (4 semester hours).



Before being graduated with the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, a student must satisfy the following requirements:

1.    Complete at least 128 semester hours of which at least 40 semester hours must be taken at Amridge University;

2.    Complete all required coursework for the respective degree;

3.    Pass the program capstone course and the Program Exit Examination that is given as part of the capstone course;

4.    Pass the General Competency Test (GCT);

5.    Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher; and

6.    Complete an Amridge University Degree Completion Application.  The properly completed and signed application must be submitted no later than the first day of classes of the semester prior to the semester the student plans to graduate.  Following this schedule permits the University to conduct a full audit of the respective student’s records to make sure that all courses, programs, and respective graduation requirements have been met.  Students having any questions regarding the Degree Completion Application should contact the Registrar’s Office.