Academics FAQ

Where can I find out about Amridge University's faculty credentials?

Click on the “Academic Catalog” link located under the “Academics” tab, go to the Administration section of the catalog to read through the school’s faculty credentials.

Is there any available information on Amridge University degree programs and professional organizations?

Yes. The University provides a listing of professional careers associated with each degree program within the unique pages of the degree programs.

I want to know more about the library hours, policies, etc.

Much of the information about the Amridge library may be accessed by clicking on the “Library” tab located under the “Learning and Support” tab on the University’s homepage.  Also, you may contact the Amridge library by calling our toll free number at 1.800.351.4040 extension 7541, call the University’s local Montgomery number at 334.387.3877 extension 7541, or send an email to

Click on the link below to be taken to the Amridge University Comprehensive Library Services page:

What is the Amridge University Research Log?

Amridge University uses an online log system for students to enter information related to library research activities. Use of the Research Log is required for all Amridge University courses with the exception of language, practicum, clinical, and algebra courses.  The Research Log helps the quality of academic programs in three ways:

1. It will help students keep track of the number of library resources they have obtained from a library, Web site, or other research sources.

2. It will help faculty obtain a better understanding of where and how students are conducting their research for a given class.  From this information, faculty can review the research logs to help determine if they need to make adjustments in courses to help students master research processes.  Also, because faculty can view the Research Log system in real time, faculty can immediately contact selected students who are going to sites not considered “scholarly” sources.

3. This system will provide the Amridge faculty and administration with more accurate information on the types of resources the University should invest in to meet the needs of its students better.  As an example, a student may go to an online journal that would be considered “scholarly” but is not currently used by the University.  Specifically, a student may have access to an online journal that the University currently does not have access to for faculty and students.  With the student’s citation of the site and journal, the respective faculty member may visit the respective Web site to see if the University should purchase this journal or service for use by all Amridge faculty and students.


Can someone help me with the Research Log?

Detailed instructions on how to use the Research Log are posted on the Research Log access page.  Also, click on the link below to review the Research Log instructions: instructions/Student Instructions for Research Log.htm

If you continue to have difficulty, contact the Research Log Administrator at the following address:

Additionally, students are encouraged to view the instructional videos on the Amridge University Research Log. This information is only available to register