Library Search for Traditional Books

1. Login to the Library Login page. On the screen that comes up, go to the login space and type in the letters “au” + your University ID.  Then click “Log me in.”

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2. This will bring you to the Salmon Library Catalog at University of Alabama at Huntsville.  Amridge University students, faculty, and staff can borrow books from this catalog.  Click “Advanced Search.”

Book Instruction

3. In the screen that comes up, put a search term in the search box [1]. Under the dropdown menu labeled “Type” [2], choose the option “Book” [3].  Then click the “Search” box [4].  Note: This will target your results to books in the UAH library catalogOther items may not be able to be lent to you because they are restricted to in-house use or for UAH patrons only.

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4. Some results for books may come up.  Take note of the Author, Title, and Year of those items you wish to request.

Book Instruction






5. E-mail your requested items to In the e-mail, it is recommended that you include:
A) Your Name.
B) Your Student ID number.
C) The author, title, and year of the books you are requesting.

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