School of Human Services

Master’s Programs:

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy
Master of Arts in Professional Counseling
Master of Science in Human Services
Master of Divinity in Marriage and Family Therapy
Master of Divinity in Professional Counseling

Doctoral Programs:
Doctor of Ministry in Family Therapy I
Doctor of Ministry in Family Therapy II
Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy
Doctor of Philosophy in Professional Counseling

In keeping with the Christian heritage of Amridge University, the purpose of the School of Human Services is to prepare students for careers and professions that are dedicated to providing support and services for the well-being of individuals, family, the church, and society in the spirit of Christian services.  This purpose will be accomplished by providing students with an interdisciplinary learning and serving experience with core courses and focused knowledge and skills in a major which may include, but will not be limited to family therapy and human communications. 

Additionally, the University has a commitment to public service. Customized, on-demand needs may be met through continuing education efforts offered by the Amridge University School of Continuing Education. These training sessions are typically designed for life-long learners not pursuing academic degrees.


  1. Each student will acquire a basic core of knowledge of psychology, family therapy, counseling, related disciplines, and practical methods as a foundation for a productive professional life.
  2. Each student will develop intellectual capacities for critical thinking and problem solving, for analyzing and utilizing information, and for reasoning ethically and morally in decision making.
  3. Each student will develop skills for scientific research, human relations, leadership, and oral and written communication appropriate to that student’s profession.
  4. Through gaining essential knowledge, developing proper attitudes, and acquiring important skills, each student will be prepared for more advanced studies, for employment in a chosen profession, and/or for life-long learning.
  5. Through developing proper attitudes and values and through acquiring skills in communication and human relations, each student will be prepared to function responsibly and effectively in the familial, social, and civic arenas of life.