Academic Support Services

Distance learning is the primary instructional delivery system for all our programs and with that in mind we focus on supporting you with resources you will need for accessing and completing your courses as well as helping you with all the technologies available to you through your academic experience.


Blackboard Learn

Amridge University uses Blackboard Learn™, Blackboard Mobile, and Blackboard Connect to provide services to our student learners.  Blackboard Learn is the location where students access their courses and complete their assignments. Blackboard Mobile is our “mobile” version of Blackboard Learn.  Students can access their courses and watch videos from their smartphones and tablets.  Many students take part in Amridge Connect in order to obtain the resources needed for mobile learning.  Blackboard Connect is the information delivery service we use to connect with students about important University information and to notify students in the event of an emergency on campus.


Self Service

Self Service serves as the online support system for student Academic Plan information, grade delivery, Financial Aid fund details and Unofficial transcript information.  Self Service is a secure site that works in tandem with the University’s Power Campus system.  Information in the student system is made available to students quickly and efficiently because of the streamlined connection between the 2 systems.  Students have the latest and most recent information they need to look at their overall program and courses that have been taken and those that remain to be taken. 


Library Resources

The Southern Christian University Library of Amridge University provides services, resources, facilities, and technology to support face to face and distance learning students. Through support services, the library staff empowers students, faculty, and other patrons to develop skills to effectively use traditional and electronic library services for research, information, study, and general intellectual discourse in academia.  Southern Christian University Library of Amridge University provides  the following support services:

 Access to traditional books, journal articles and magazines is available through an arrangement with UAH.  Students can access this service by selecting the Library and Comprehensive Library Services on the University website.  Students can check out books from UAH with expedited shipping, reserve and receive support for journal and magazine articles and receive librarian support from the UAH library staff.  Books can be checked out for 90 days with 1 renewal.  Support is provided by the UAH library with additional support from the Amridge University Library staff. 

Electronic books are an important resource for distance learning students.  Amridge University uses ProQuest® extensive e-book collections through the ebrary platform. A collection of over 80,000 e-books are available to students and faculty.  Students access the Amridge University e-book collection by selecting the Library link on the University website and selecting Comprehensive Library Services.  Within the Comprehensive Library Services page is the e-books page with instructions for logging into the system. 

 Atrium is a 100% Web-based library management system developed from the Amridge University Online Library Catalog.  This system offers students, faculty and staff an easy-to-use system providing instant access to our library catalog from any computer or mobile device 24 hours a day.  Students have access to the University’s educational databases. There is the ability to create book bags, watch lists, rate/review titles, and renew and reserve items. Once the item is reserved the University library staff sends the reserved books to students per their request.  Atrium also helps the library staff keeps up with renewals, late books and notices through the online administration tools.



Smarthinking gives students access to live, online tutors for writing, grammar, English as a second language, Spanish, math, Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, micro and macroeconomics, managerial and financial accounting, statistics, and more!  Smarthinking is provided by the University at no cost to students. These resources can be used in any course, even if the instructor doesn’t require it.  Access is granted through each of the courses in which the student is enrolled in Blackboard.  Smarthinking is also an excellent resource for those students who need help with writing.  The Smarthinking tutors work much like a writing coach to help with essays, research papers, and writing in general.  A writing tutor will review submitted papers and essays within 24-hours and give feedback with suggestions for areas the student needs to improve and give feedback on writing strengths.  Access to Smarthinking is available to students within Blackboard.