MA in Biblical Studies





The Master of Arts (MA) in Biblical Studies is a degree that offers a specialization in the Bible, its world, and its interpretation. Crucial to this program is the student’s ability to become sufficiently acquainted with the Hebrew and Greek languages to use them as basic linguistic tools in this undertaking. The student my also choose Aramaic and Akkadian (for Old Testament concentration) to aid further investigation into the interpretation of Scripture.  There is heavy emphasis on scholarly biblical research in this degree track to provide for the educational development of qualified persons to be effective Christian ministers and church leaders, especially as teachers and scholars who will use their gifts and knowledge in proclaiming the gospel, strengthening the church, and serving humanity. One very important goal is for the student to develop a professional, scholarly approach to interpreting the Bible. If this goal is attained, this program provides a proper foundation for students to pursue the Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies offered by Amridge University, as well as be equipped to teach on the college or university level. The MA program is open to applicants who hold the BA or BS degree.

The MA program is open to applicants who hold the BA or BS degree.  The one and only major for this program is Biblical Studies.  A student may specify an area of concentration by earning 15 semester hours of courses in either Old Testament Studies or New Testament Studies. In that case, one Testament would be the student’s major, while the other would be classified as the student’s minor.

Upon completion of the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies program the graduates will be able to:

  1. Apple the knowledge and skills necessary to function effectively as teachers in a college or university setting.
  2. Exegete passages from the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament. (The study of biblical languages is integral to this degree program).
  3. Demonstrate mastery of the principles of textual criticism in order to deal with difficult problems in the establishing of the best text.
  4. Implement an objective approach to interpreting the Bible, with special attention to scholarly research and writing.
  5. Demonstrate survey knowledge of various disciplines, which are related to the student’s focused discipline.

These outcomes are assessed through a comprehensive examination.  A student may demonstrate achievement of these outcomes by receiving a passing grade (i.e., ”Qualifying” or “Qualifying with Distinction”) for the comprehensive examination given for this degree.   

Time Normally Required to Complete the Program

The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies may be normally completed in seven semesters.  A student may take his courses on a part-time or full-time basis.  


Before being graduated with the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, a student must satisfy the following requirements:

1.    Earn a total of 60 graduate semester hours in the program of which at least 33 semester hours must be taken at Amridge University, if there is no Advanced Bible Placement applied. If 15 hours of Advanced Bible Placement are applied, 24 hours must be taken at Amridge University.

2.    Complete all required coursework for the degree;

3.    Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0;

4.    Pass the written Comprehensive Exam.  The Comprehensive Examination serves as the Program Exit Examination;

5.    Complete and have accepted by the department faculty a Thesis (RS 7302 and RS 7303) – Only for those students who have selected the “Thesis Option” under the guidance of their advisor; and

6.    Complete an Amridge University Degree Completion Application.  The properly completed and signed application must be submitted no later than the first day of classes of the semester prior to the semester the student plans to graduate.  Following this schedule permits the University to conduct a full audit of the respective student’s records to make sure that all courses, programs, and respective graduation requirements have been met.  Students having any questions regarding the Degree Completion Application should contact the Registrar’s Office.