Required Courses Sem.Hrs.

The Course Requirements of 60 semester credit hours for the degree program Master of Arts in Practical Ministry consists of Research and Foundation Studies courses (15 semester hours), Biblical Studies courses (6 semester hours), Theological and Historical Studies courses (6 semester hours), Practical Ministry courses (27 semester hours), elective courses (6 semester hours), and one Comprehensive Examination.

Required Courses for the Master of Arts in Practical Ministry  

FD 6302 Elementary Greek I *
FD 6303 Elementary Greek II *
FD 6304 Greek Reading I *
FD 6306 Elementary Hebrew I *
FD 6307 Elementary Hebrew II *
FD 6308 Hebrew Reading I*
FD 6360 Elementary Hebrew and Greek for Christian Ministry *
FD 6361 Hebrew Word Study *
FD 6362 Greek Word Study *



FD 6312 Hermeneutics 3
RS 6339 Research and Evaluation 3
Total Research and Foundation Studies Hours for Masters Degree 15
Biblical Studies Courses  

One textual course from the Old Testament
One textual course from the New Testament

Total Biblical Studies Hours for Masters Degree 6
Theological and Historical Studies Courses  

TH 6310 Systematic Theology
TH 6326 Spirituality and Spiritual Formation

Total Theological and Historical Studies Hours for Masters Degree 6
Practical Ministry Courses  

FT 7301 Introduction to Pastoral Counseling
LD 6362 Spiritual Leadership
PS 6310 Personal Evangelism
PS 6311 Ministry and the Contemporary World
PS 6330 Internship in Ministry I

The student may choose four from the following nine courses in practical ministry:

LD 6353 Leadership Vision and Values
LD 6357 Organizational Communication
MS 6302 Introduction to Missiology
PS 6301 Christian Ministry
PS 6302 Homiletics
PS 6303 Educational Program of the Local Church
PS 6306 Christian Marriage and Family Life
PS 6309 Introduction to Christian Counseling
PS 6312 Church Growth Through Bible School Evangelism



Total Practical Ministry Hours for Masters Degree 27
Elective Courses for the Master of Arts in Practical Ministry  

Two courses from Biblical Studies (BI, NT, or OT), Theological and Historical Studies (TH), Practical Ministry (LD, MS or PS), OR biblical languages.


Total Elective Course Hours for Masters Degree 6
Comprehensive Examination for the Master of Arts in Practical Ministry  
BI 7012 Comprehensive Examination for Master of Arts in Practical Ministry 0
Total Comprehensive Examination Hours for Masters Degree 0
**Total Hours for Masters Degree 60


*Options on Certain Courses: 
Students who have taken a course in undergraduate studies which is deemed to be similar in content to a course that is marked with an asterisk may substitute another course within the same discipline with permission of the Dean of the Turner School of Theology.

 **Advanced Bible Placement:
Students who have a major in Bible or religious studies on the undergraduate level may receive, with the approval of the Dean of Turner School of Theology, up to 15 hours toward this degree – possibly reducing required hours total from 60 to 45 semester hours