Master of Divinity in Ministerial Leadership






The Master of Divinity (MDiv) in Ministerial Leadership is a professional-level degree program for individuals planning to enter or continue careers in full-time ministry.  A major element of this program provides students with extensive studies in the biblical text and thorough preparation in theology and various areas of practical ministry.  Through completion of this program, graduates will be able to conduct their ministry at the highest level of professional competence and communicate in a manner that is intellectually articulate.  Also, graduates will be committed to, and effective in, evangelism.  Finally, graduates of the MDiv in Ministerial Leadership will be able to conduct themselves and relate to others in a way that is spiritually mature and morally sensitive.

Advanced Bible Placement of 15 Hours –Students who have a major in religious studies on the undergraduate level will receive 15 semester hours Advanced Bible Placement – reducing required degree total from 90 to 75 semester hours.  Note: Hebrew and/or Greek languages are recommended in the MDiv program, but not required.

Upon completion of the Master of Divinity in Ministerial Leadership Program, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Prepare to enter or continue a career in full-time ministry at the highest level;
  2. Learn extensive principles from the text of the Bible and practical ways to lead Christian ministry;
  3. Implement principles of evangelism, edification, and benevolence.
  4. Communicate in an effective manner; and
  5. Practice spiritual maturity and moral sensitivity to people in need. 

These outcomes are assessed through a comprehensive examination.  A student may demonstrate achievement of these outcomes by receiving a passing grade (i.e., ”Qualifying” or “Qualifying with Distinction”) for the comprehensive examination given for this degree. 

Time Normally Required to Complete the Program

The Master of Divinity in Ministerial Leadership may be completed in about three years.  A student may take the courses on a part-time or full-time basis.



Before being graduated with the Master of Divinity in Ministerial Leadership, a student must satisfy the following requirements:

1.    A total of 90 graduate semester hours of which at least 48 semester hours must be taken at Amridge University, if there is no Advanced Bible Placement applied. If 15 hours of Advanced Bible Placement are applied, 33 semester hours must be taken at Amridge University;

2.    Complete all required coursework for the degree;

3.    Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0;

4.    Students who expect to pursue further graduate study beyond this degree should maintain a 3.0 GPA;

5.    Pass the respective Comprehensive Examination as specified within this publication.  The Comprehensive Examination serves as the Program Exit Examination; and

6.    Complete an Amridge University Degree Completion Application .  The properly completed and signed application must be submitted no later than the first day of classes of the semester prior to the semester the student plans to graduate.  Following this schedule permits the University to conduct a full audit of the respective student’s records to make sure that all courses, programs, and respective graduation requirements have been met.  Students having any questions regarding the Degree Completion Application should contact the Registrar’s Office.