iPad Initiative for Students

Amridge Mobile Learning 

Amridge is committed to providing its students with learning tools that give them access to coursework and assignments from any location.  As part of our commitment to embrace technology for education, the University has developed Amridge Connect as a technological tool for teaching and learning. 

All students are given the opportunity to purchase a University-issued iPad to use as a resource for accessing your courses while you are not seated in front of your desktop computer.  Distance learners require a mobile and flexible style of learning and an iPad can be an excellent resource.  Additionally, Amridge has developed a Mobile App called AU Mobile through the partnership with Blackboard.


The Blackboard Learn platform will allow you to access your courses on your mobile devices.  The mobile app is available for free download with Apple iOS devices (e.g. iPhone’s, iPads) along with Android devices (e.g. Samsung, Nexus, Kindle Fire, Kyocera, HP and several other devices). Because the app is free and accessible on most devices, you can access this learning technology now if you already have an iOS or Android device.

Access the latest University information and services:
– View the Amridge University Course Schedule
– See the University Calendar and Events
– Access your courses through Learn – Blackboard’s Mobile Portal
– Access the Library and our online e-books portal
– View Amridge University Images, Videos, and Latest News
– Use our Get Help section to contact Amridge University
– Purchase select Amridge University Press books and e-books
– Donate to Amridge University for our future growth and mission

Registration Processing for iPads:
During the registration process, students can indicate whether they opt in or out of this offer by paying a one-time technology fee of $399, which may be paid using Financial Aid or a personal credit card. (**Some restrictions apply**)

iPad Specifications: 
–  iPad Air offered by Apple Education – WiFi (No Cellular capability)
–  16 gig
–  Apple Care + Protection Plan (Limited to 2 service events)
–  $399.00  Technology fee with a limit of 1 iPad per student.
–  iPad purchases are not refundable. 

Apple Care:
To ensure the efficient and safe use of the iPad for the virtual classroom, Amridge University will provide each tablet with a two-year Apple Care+ Protection Plan, and our in-house technicians will be available for technical support.  It is with this idea that students will have ease of access to their Blackboard courses through Learn, available within the Amridge University App.
Call 1.888.790.8080
if you need service or repair on your existing Amridge University iPad. 

The Following Restrictions Will Apply: 

Students who choose to receive an iPad using Financial Aid Title IV, grants, and scholarship funds will be subject to course participation requirements. iPads will be shipped to the address Amridge has on file at the same time student refunds are mailed, which is typically on the 10th day of the semester.

Students who pay the one-time technology fee for Amridge Connect by personal credit card will receive their iPad as soon as it has been determined that their registration fees, admissions status and financial aid status are in good standing with the University.

Students with iPads:
Students who own their iPad can participate in Amridge Connect and use the FREE app to access their courses in Blackboard. 

Students who do not wish to take advantage of the Mobile Learning Initiative will continue to use their personal computers to access Blackboard for completion of their coursework.  The iPad is not intended to replace students’ personal computers; therefore, all students are still required to have ownership or access to a personal computer.   

Repair Support:
AppleCare+ will be provided with all Amridge University-issued iPads.  The AppleCare+ Protection Plan provides two years of protection and includes repair and replacement of hardware components and TWO incidents of accidental damage.  Each of the two incidents is subject to a $49 service fee per incident that is to be paid by the student.  Payment for damages/repairs must be paid before the iPad will be sent out by Amridge for repair. Please call our Technical Support Team and have your serial number available so we can determine the type of damage and repair needed based on the AppleCare+ Terms and Conditions before payment may be required.  Call 1.888.790.8080 and ask for iPad Support.   

For more information, visit http://www.apple.com