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Choosing to become an online learner can be a new adventure for those who have never studied or taken a course through the online learning format. 

We want to help you get started and stay on track.  By completing these online orientation steps, you will learn how our Student Services programs and online support tools can help you throughout your education. You will also learn how to navigate the online course room, develop time management strategies and get your learning space ready for your first day of class.  It will be important for you to review the Orientation, Online Resources and Services, and the Time Management Tools in order to ensure a successful start to your courses.

If you have any questions or need accommodations to view or understand these videos, please contact an Academic Advisor at 1.888.790.8080

New Student Online Orientation Attend Orientation 
New Student Online Resources Access Online Resources New Student Online Learning Environment Time Management – Organize Your Learning Space

New Student Checklist


In online orientation, you will learn how our Student Services and online support tools can help you throughout your education. This orientation includes how to access the program and services available to students, how to navigate the online course room, how to submit assignments, and resources on professional organizations.

Student Services Tools:
Student Services at Amridge

Undergraduate Tour of a Distance Learning Course

Graduate Tour of a Distance Learning Course

Interactions between Students and Faculty

Professional Organizations:
Degree Related Professional Organizations

New Student Checklist





Online resources are invaluable to your academic career here at Amridge. Your courses are delivered online and you will need to access resources through our available technologies. These resources will help you understand how to access the services available to you. These services will help you with our library resources at the undergraduate and graduate level, direct you on accessing your classes in Blackboard and other technologies, as well as introduce you to our tutorial program Smart Thinking.

Library Resources: 
Orientation to Library Services – Undergraduate

Orientation to Library Services and Research – Graduate

Technology and Resources:
Blackboard and Other Technologies at Amridge

New Student Checklist

Make the most of your study time by setting aside a quiet place and organized learning space. Along with self-discipline is the need for organization and time management. The same benefit that allows you to work from home or office can create a barrier to your success if you do not partition your time for college study.

Learning Techniques:
What it takes to be a successful Distance Learner