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Corporate Alliance  

Amridge University’s academic programs are designed to meet the needs of employees of large, medium and small corporations.  Thousands of Corporations provide tuition assistance, and job promotion incentives to its employees.

Corporate Alliance Rates  
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Business Office 1.800.351.4040
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  Join Our Corporate Alliance
The reasons are obvious; a well prepared work force will produce and furnish the leadership, knowledge, and skills that assist a corporation in its production, service, and success. 
Amridge University’s degree programs in Information Systems, Management Communication, Business Administration, Public Safety and Home Land Security, Liberal Studies, Biblical ethics, Professional Counseling, Human Development, Business Leadership, etc has and will continue to assist corporations in equipping their work force to meet the needs of a changing society.
  Tuition Discounts    
  Amridge University tenders tuition scholarships to employees of participating companies that assist, promote and encourage employee participation in Amridge University’s Online Degree Programs. Employees of our corporate alliance programs receive not only tuition discounts, but have an entrée to other benefits, such as:    
  Financial aid    
  Amridge University offers assistance to those who qualify for Federal Aid or other sources for educational funding, such as:  Military Education Benefits and Employer Tuition Reimbursement. 

Amridge University will enter into a special agreement for employee tuition reduction with an organization.
  Three Courses—Not Four Courses     
  All undergraduate courses taught at Amridge University are 4 semester hour courses.  A student who wishes to meet full time Financial Aid requirements will only have to take 3 courses rather than 4 at Amridge University.     
  Making a Living and Going to School at the Same Time is a Challenge      
  Amridge University’s convenient online Internet course work provides all employees round the clock access at a time and from a location that is convenient.  A student is able to read and review all assignments, participate in course discussions, complete assignments, take exams, submit term papers, review faculty feedback, and still work and provide for one’s family.     
  Prior Academic Credit    

The University will apply all eligible education credit, which will enable a student to finish their degree program at a fast pace.

All prior academic credit will be duly considered!

  Call Amridge University to determine what tuition benefits are available for pre-qualified organizations.  If your organization does not have an official alliance with Amridge University we will be happy to work out a tuition reduction agreement with your employer.  Call 1.888.790.8080.