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Barsch Learning Styles Assessment Inventory  
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Barsch Learning Styles Assessment Inventory

Different people learn in different ways.  You may already know, or suspect, that you learn better by seeing, or hearing, or doing.  Or you may never have given this much thought.  But all of us have learning styles that we can use to maximize our ability to take in, assimilate, and use information and knowledge. 

The Barsch Learning Styles Assessment Inventory, a series of questions which can be completed in about 10 minutes, yields scores for auditory, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic learning styles.  Then, “tips” are provided to help you make use of this information to become a better learner.
  Begin the Barsch Learning Styles Assessment Inventory

The online Barsch Learning Styles Assessment Inventory is a special service for our students.  When you click on the link, below, you will be redirected to the Amridge University Blackboard site.  Simply log-in as you would for any of your courses, click the “My Amridge” tab, and you will see that “Barsch” has been added for you.  Our agreement with the test publisher allows each student to take the inventory only one time.  We ask you please not to share this link with others. 


Barsch Learning Style Assessment Inventory - Revised and Effective Study Tips,

by Jeffrey Barsch, Ed.D,  (c) 1996, Reprinted by permission of

Academic Therapy Publications, Novato, CA, 800-422-7249,


WARNING. The Test Name / Author / (c) Yr  is protected by international

copyright law; no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in

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