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Amridge University & GoArmyEd 

Today, active duty military, Guard members, Reservists, veterans, and their family members from all over the world are enrolled in our bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. Maybe you have heard the old saying: Success is when pepratation meets opportunity. As a service member of America’s armed forces, you know that constructive educational planning leads to success! A degree from Amridge will prepare you to succeed when the opprotunity areise for eiher a miitary promotion or a successful transition into civilian life. The discipline and commitment that you have learned in the military will assist you as you are enriched in one of Amridge University’s online degree programs.

Amridge University has 32 academic programs in four schools that provide a wide range of academic options that are delivered in a meaningful online academic environment. All classes begin on a semester by semester basis. This provides the student 15 weeks of ample time to successfully complete all course requirements. This format and process will help you to succeed and attain your academic goals. For a complete list of our degrees programs
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We Provide Maximum Credit for Military Training

Amridge University recognizes and accepts as many courses that can be transferred toward a degree. The joint Services Transcripts (JST) are used in the academic transfer process. ACE-recommended credit for military training, prior college-level coursework, DANTES/DSST, and CLEP exams are reviewed and accepted per degree program requirements.

Why Choose Amridge University?

We endeavor to offer the following comprehensive benefits and support for military personnel, family members, and veterans:

- Tuition benefits to Active Duty, Families, Military Personnel

To honor your commitment to our country, Amridge University offers special benefits to active duty personnel and their immediate families, Veterans, National Guard and Reserves personnel, and civilian employees of the Department of Defense. These benefits include:

Admissions Criteria
Admissions standards and application requirements vary by program. Please contact your Education Service Officer (ESO) for application procedures or contact an Admissions Representative by email at  You may speak with a military programs advisor by calling either 1-800-351-4040 ext, 7513 or 334-387-7513

Please note that GoArmyEd students who appear to have met all of the respective admissions requirements for the respective program, but have not submitted all of the transcripts, letters of recommendation may be provisionally enrolled for the first semester.

Amridge University is not currently part of SOCAD. AMRIDGE UNIVERSITY learners will not be required to have SOCAD student agreements on file with the Army.