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The university library is closed on the holidays noted on the Academic Calendar
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  Library Services  

For Public Use, Amridge Students and Faculty

For Amridge Students and Faculty
  Naming of the Library  
  Southern Christian University Library is the name of the library services provided by Amridge University.  As Amridge University was formerly named Southern Christian University, identifying the University’s library services as the Southern Christian University Library will help sustain the University’s heritage and ensure that the name of Southern Christian University will be maintained in a manner reflecting quality and connection with Amridge University.  
  Circulation Procedures  
  Those allowed to check books out from the Center include:  
  - Enrolled full or part-time students.  
  - Full or part-time faculty members.  
  - Students and faculty of schools with which Amridge has cooperative agreements.  
  Guest Policy  
  Members of the community may use the materials in-house at any time the Center is open. Those who wish to check out materials must pay an annual $30.00 fee for processing the application. If the material requested for circulation is needed in classes, the Director of the Resource Center may not allow these items to be checked out, or may limit the number of items allowed. Guests will be subject to all policies of the Center including overdue fines and charges for lost materials.  
  Check Out Procedure  
  When a patron is on-campus and wishes to check out an item, the staff at the circulation desk asks for a valid ID such as a driver license or a student card. If the patron is not a student, staff or faculty member of Amridge University and has not checked out items from the library before, it will be necessary to gather information from the patron (e.g., name and address) to create a patron record. When an on-campus patron is ready to return an item, they should hand the item in person to a staff member to insure that all items are accounted for.

Off-campus patrons are subject to the same circulation policies as on-campus students with regard to loans stipulations and fines/fees. Whenever an off-campus patron wishes to borrow an item from the library, he or she should provide a full citation for the requested item as well name and Student/Staff ID. Off campus item requests should be directed to the attention of the UAH staff who serves patrons of the Amridge University Virtual Library System (e.g., An off-campus patron will be expected to cover the cost of returning the items.
  Books may be renewed if they have not been requested by another person. The renewal may be either by phone, email  or at the circulation desk. It is beneficial to bring the items into the Center for renewal so that the due date may be changed. Distance learning students should submit renewal requests to  
  Overdue Books  
  Fines for regular loan items will be $.25 per day per item. If the fine is not paid when the book is returned, the Center will send a reminder notice of the fine. If the fine is not paid within two weeks, it will be added to the borrower's account in the Business Office.  
   Lost or Extremely Late Material  

Any lost material should be reported promptly. The cost of the item will be billed a standard replacement charge. If the charge is not paid to the Center within two weeks, it will be added to the borrower’s account in the Business Office.

If an item has not been reported lost, but has not been returned after 28 days of being overdue, no further notices will be sent. Instead, the item will be declared lost and the appropriate charges will be turned in to the Business Office. If an item declared lost is returned, the patron will only be responsible for a $15.00 processing fee, plus any accrued fines.

  Damaged Materials  
  If it is determined that an item has been damaged and that patron is responsible, the patron will be charged for the cost of repairing the item. Items that are damaged beyond repair will be considered “lost.”  
  These are kept in open stacks and are to be used in the Center. Students are encouraged to make copies of articles needed for outside use.  
  Accreditation Statement