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  Online Learning  
  Amridge University offers all their programs Online.  Online education is different from the traditional method of attending classes at a college or university.  You can “go to school” at any time of the day, or any day of the week provided you meet course assignment deadlines.  The advantage of online learning is that you are able to adapt your educational schedule into other obligations of work, family, community, and social activities.  In short—you can integrate your schoolwork into the other important aspects of your life.  Learning online requires a different set of self-management skills than those needed for on-site and residential campuses.   

In online education, you are attending class by logging into our website through an Internet browser on your computer.  This means you need reliable access to a laptop or desktop computer and a connection to the internet through Fast Access Cable or DSL .  We strongly recommended a faster connection so that you have enough speed to download and upload files as well as view live and archived videos.  At Amridge University, you will use a student login and password to access your courses through Blackboard –the web interface where all of your course materials are located.  Blackboard is where you will meet with your instructor and your classmates.  Your syllabus and all course-related assignments and activities are available within Blackboard. 


It is important you become familiar with navigating Blackboard.  The general outline of each Amridge course follows a basic structure; you will see that each course also reflects the instructor’s own touch.  Become familiar with the syllabus for each of your courses at the very beginning of the term and explore each course by clicking on the various navigation buttons and links (don’t open any tests or quizzes until you are ready to take the test or quiz since most of these items must be completed once they are opened).  Print the syllabus or keep an electronic copy readily accessible on your desktop and refer to it often. 


Transfer important assignments and deadlines to your calendar which is located under Tools.  Ask your instructor questions if you are unclear as to his or her expectations.  Read each document that is posted.  If there is a video for your course, make sure that your view the video—it will contain important information to supplement primary course materials. 


Test and quiz questions are located under the assignments link and can come from any of the course materials, so make plenty of time to read, review, and reflect upon all the course documents and materials. 


Successful online learners must have the self-discipline to “attend” class and do assignments without prodding from the instructor or from classmates.  While your Amridge instructor and the University staff will provide you with assistance and encouragement, in the end, your success is dependent upon your self-motivation.  It is the responsibility of each student to access their courses regularly and to check as well as respond to emails daily. 


Along with self-discipline is the need for organization and time management.  You must be able to plan in advance for your class time AND for your study and research time.  You can expect to spend about the same amount of time with an online course as you would a traditional, face-to-face course.


A general rule of thumb in the traditional classroom is to spend 2 hours studying for every 1 hour of class time.  If the classroom student spends 4 hours a week in class, they should plan to spend about 8 hours a week working at home.  For planning purposes this is approximately 12 (8 + 4) hours per week for each course.  You may need less time or more time depending on the course requirements.


You also need computer skills such that you can use email proficiently:
Browse your hard drive to locate files on your computer
Open, edit, and save files; use a word processing application such as Word
Surf the Internet using a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox
Perform regular security updates to keep your computer in good working order. 
Do research online using Amridge’s Library Services
Communicate with others in writing using e-mail, discussion boards, and chat rooms
Have sufficient keyboarding skills to take quizzes and tests


Amridge students must have access to the Internet and to e-mail.  The baseline computer requirements for all Amridge University students can be found at  the Amridge University homepage under Frequently Asked Questions.


If you have a disability that could qualify for reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please do not let these computer skills dissuade you.  Go to the Amridge website, locate the Current Students tab, ADA Accommodations Form, and begin a discussion with our ADA Coordinator about ways in which the University can help you to succeed.


If you have questions about your technical set up, video or audio streaming problems ,contact our Network Operations Center at 1.800.351.4040, ext. 7889 or  


For questions regarding Blackboard contact our Blackboard Administrator at 1.800.351.4040, ext. 7547 or