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         We had a wonderful preacher training camp!  We had fifteen young men who aspire to be preachers, evangelists, and missionaries.  The classes and keynote sermons were filled with excitement. The young men had an eagerness to learn the word of God for the entire week.  We had three young men to be baptized.  We normally do not allow young men to attend who are not Christians, but in the last few years this has proven to be fruitful for evangelism.

          POSITIVE COMMENTS concerning the effectiveness of the camp continue to be stated.  This is the first camp I have directed where all the young men could lead singing.  It is the first camp I have had with four young men who had experience as a missionary.  Their comments concerning mission work were very educational to other campers.  One mother said, “My second son attended the preacher camp at Amridge this year and what an honor. They have helped him grow so much. Now he is conducting a Bible study with about 12 students every Saturday.”  Some comments from campers are, “Thank you for having camp and providing study, support, encouragement, and instruction on how to do sermons.” One said, “I wanted to be a basketball player; now I want to be a preacher!”  Another said, “Thanks for helping me to be a better preacher.”  Preacher training at an early age works!  We had the following emphasis during the week:

          STUDY OF THE BIBLE was outstanding.  The theme, “KNEE DEEP”, worked really well with topics like the reliability of the Bible, love, leadership, preaching, faith, evangelism, and Christian work. We selected this theme based on Luke 5:4 where Jesus challenged the disciples to “Put out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch.”  This motivated the campers to learn the Bible and get busy “catching men” for Christ (Mk. 1:17).  It works!

          FELLOWSHIP with campers, staff, local preachers, and professors and staff at Amridge was a very pleasant experience.  The greatest fellowship in the brotherhood is made available to the campers during this week. Fellowship is a vital part of the church and this camp (Acts 2:42; Phil 1:5).  It is a partnership and participation in the greatest work on earth!

          RECREATION is always needed at the end of a busy day.  We emphasize relaxation and exercise as a part of the life of a preacher. This involves basketball, softball, swimming, and running.  A preacher should learn to exercise his body in order to be healthy, alert, and able to live a long, useful life in the ministry. This is the most profitable two hours of the day!

          SPOKEN ENGLISH is impromptu preaching, according to the homiletic rules.  It is a time to concentrate on the rules of public speaking without preparation.  They are not allowed to use notes.  We heard some very educational sermons filled with experience. It is a time to share Bible knowledge from their peers.

          SERMON DELIVERY was very rewarding and exciting.  We teach the young men sermon preparation daily, so they can deliver a ten-twelve minute sermon on Friday.  The sermons were excellent this year.  This is a time for the campers to learn from one another. Their sermons are evaluated by the staff.  Five young men were selected to preach at the Capital Heights Church of Christ in Montgomery on Sunday.

          One of the reasons for the existence of Amridge University is to TRAIN PREACHERS.  We are beginning to do this at age thirteen.  In the training of our young men to preach and evangelize, we can change the world one soul at a time.  We invite you to send us your young men to train next year, July 8-13, 2012. It will always be the second full week of July.  I encourage each camper to download the application and return it early.  The camp is limited to twenty-five.  We are looking for quality young men to train to be preachers and evangelists.  Preacher, you are special!