Blackboard Login Help

Learn how to Login to Blackboard, Find Your Courses, View Important Areas and Navigation

Use a compatible browser Refer to System Configuration for current information about browsers and operating systems that are compatible with Blackboard 9 SP 12. Please note that even browsers and operating systems listed as compatible may still encounter problems, especially if you have plug-ins installed or are using unique settings.

Update to the latest version
of Java

Ensure that your Java is up to date – Download  the latest version of Java. This check eliminates many problems you may encounter in Blackboard. If you receive a Java error, try updating your Java before exploring alternatives.

Training: How to use Blackboard

Students are encouraged to use Blackboard On Demand training for additional help with your Blackboard courses.

Log in to Blackboard

  Go to
and log in with your username and password.
Call 1.800.351.4040 Ext 7889 if you need help logging in or if you do not have your Blackboard username and password.

Check your course list.


Your courses are listed on the landing page once you log in to Blackboard. The landing page is called “My Amridge” and you can access it any time from the My Blackboard tab at the top left of the page. On the My Blackboard page, there are several different labeled areas known as “modules.” The courses you are enrolled in are listed in the top left module titled Courses and may be accessed from those links.

Click on the title of the course to enter it. You will then be transferred to the course landing page. If you do not see any courses listed on your Courses list, contact us at 1.888.790.8080

Check your announcements daily

   Your instructor may use this tool to communicate important information to you during the semester.

Read and Print the course Syllabus

  Many courses use a separate section to hold the syllabus. Click on this menu link to access the syllabus. Verify the location of the syllabus with your instructor.


Blackboard Tips

This tutorial serves as a brief orientation to Blackboard. The orientation places special emphasis on utilizing Blackboard from a student’s perspective.

Estimated time to complete the tutorial: 5 Minutes

Video Links: Blackboard and Technology