Applying for a Part Time Teaching Position

Amridge University, formerly Southern Christian University, is an independent, coeducational institution dedicated to the spirit of its Christian ideals and heritage. Amridge University’s mission is to prepare men and women, through a commitment to academic excellence and spiritual vitality at the undergraduate and graduate levels, for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service to the professions, society, church, and family.  Amridge University is a growing institution offering an associate degree; bachelor degrees in twelve fields; Masters Degrees in the areas of Bible and Theology, Counseling and Therapy, and Leadership and Management; and Doctorate degrees in Biblical Studies, Marriage and Family Therapy and Professional Counseling. The University has four instructional divisions; the College of Business and Leadership, the College of General Studies, the School of Human Resources, and the Turner School of Theology. The majority of instruction at Amridge University is through distance education. Amridge University utilizes advanced technology and instructional methodology to provide a high quality learning experience for its students.

Amridge University is supported by individual congregations of the churches of Christ. Persons who are interested in teaching in a Christian setting and who are comfortable with the concepts of the Statement of Positive Biblical Faith in the catalog are encouraged to submit an application.

Amridge University utilizes part-time instructors for some courses. Most instructors teach via the internet and should be proficient in using the internet for communications. Part time instructors are paid by the course based on the course enrollment at mid term.

Persons interested in teaching at Amridge University are advised to complete the following:

1. Access the Amridge University Academic Catalog, which is accessible near the top of the home page of this website
   and review the Institution’s
    a. History
    b. Mission Statement
    c. Purpose and Goals
    d. Statement of Faith, and
    e. Academic programs

2. Identify the instructional program(s) offered by Amridge University in which you would be Interested in teaching.

3. Ascertain whether or not you have the required academic credentials for the program.
   a. For Doctor of Philosophy programs the faculty member must have a doctoral degree in the teaching field, usually
       a research degree.
   b. For other graduate programs the faculty member must have a doctorate or other terminal degree in the teaching field,
       usually with a minimum of 30 graduate semester credit hours in the teaching area.
   c. For undergraduate programs the faculty member must have a doctoral degree or other terminal degree with a minimum
      of 18 graduate semester credit hours in the teaching field. Only in special circumstances will a faculty member without a
      doctoral degree be accepted.

 * Required Fields:
*Last Name
*First Name
Middle Initial
Maiden/Other Name
*Street Address Line 1
Street Address Line 2
Zip Code
*Home Phone
     (No dashes)
*Work Phone & Extension
    -  Ext (No dashes)
Mobile Number & Extension
    (No dashes)
*Primary email

*The best time to call:
                        at this phone number

  (No Dashes)
 Please complete the information below:
 I am skilled with using the internet and computers for communication and I am proficient in email correspondence.
 I have access or I am willing to obtain High Speed access to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and browser.
 (Cable, DSL, Dish, EarthLink, GTE, Bellsouth, etc.)
 I understand that part-time instruction at Amridge University is a contractual service and that it is paid on a per course basis at the  
 end of the semester with no employee benefits.
 I have read the statement above about applying for a teaching position at Amridge University
 I am interested in teaching at Amridge University because:
 List programs or subjects in which you are interested in teaching:

Additional Required Action:

A. Submit your resume or vitae and a list of three references (Including for each: name, address, email address and phone number) to

B. Have official copies of college transcripts mailed to:

    Amridge University
    Attn:  Barbara Turner
    1200 Taylor Road
    Montgomery, AL 36117-3553