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Associate of Arts in Ministry/Bible

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The Associate of Arts in Ministry/Bible program provides students with opportunities to complete an initial college degree while establishing a solid academic foundation for a bachelor degree in the field of ministry. Upon completing the associate degree, a student may have completed one-half of the requirements for a bachelor’s degree. The associate degree requires 20 credit hours of general education, 20 credit hours of prescribed core courses, and 24 credit hours of elective courses.  The overarching goal of the Associate of Arts in Ministry/Bible is to prepare students for service in the church as pulpit ministers, elders, deacons, missionaries, and Bible teachers.  Additionally, this program helps prepare students for allied Christian leadership positions in youth services or as ministers of education at large congregations or chaplains in hospitals, the armed forces, universities, and correctional institutions. Graduates of this program will have the foundation to further their education in ministry, biblical studies, and religious studies. We know you will benefit from this type of preparation when you earn an Associate of Arts in Ministry/Bible at Amridge University online using the convenience of distance learning. It is our goal to offer an Associate of Arts in Ministry/Bible online that is tailored for working adults.

Upon completion of the Associate of Arts in Ministry/Bible Program, the graduate will be able to:

1. Demonstrate the ability to interpret Biblical text.
2. Recognize and describe important person, events, heresies, and doctrines throughout Christian history.

Degree Completion

Students desiring to enroll in the Associate of Arts in Ministry/Bible degree program should make an application for admission online.  Continuous participation in the program until all requirements of the AA are met is mandatory for graduation.  If a student decides to discontinue work on the AA he or she may do so by submitting a change of degree application.

A degree completion fee is charged to all students who petition the University for graduation.  The application must be submitted no later than the first day of classes of the semester prior to the semester the student plans to graduate.  A credit of this fee will be applied to the student’s account if he or she goes into the bachelors program after completing the Associate of Arts degree.

Only one degree will be awarded in a given semester.  An associate degree and a bachelor degree will not be awarded simultaneously.

Graduation Requirements for the Associate of Arts in Ministry/Bible

Before being graduated with the Associate of Arts in Ministry/Bible, a student must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Complete at least 64 semester hours of which at least 20 semester hours must be taken with Amridge University;
  2. Complete all required coursework for the respective degree;
  3. Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  4. Complete an Amridge University Degree Completion Application.  The properly completed and signed application must be submitted no later than the first day of classes of the semester prior to the semester the student plans to graduate.  Following this schedule permits the University to conduct a full audit of the respective student’s records to make sure that all courses, programs, and respective graduation requirements have been met.  Students having any questions regarding the Degree Completion Application should contact the Registrar’s Office.

The Course Requirements of 64 semester credit hours for the degree program Associate of Arts in Ministry/Bible includes general education courses (20 semester hours), program specific courses (16 semester hours), a foundation course (4 semester hours), and elective courses (24 semester hours).

Core General Education Courses
EH 1401 English Composition I
Humanities/Fine Arts
HM 2410 Introduction to Ethics
MH 1403 College Algebra
MH 1404 Finite Math
Natural Science
HE 1401 Health
HE 1405 Human Nutrition
SC 1410 Introduction to Life Sciences
BY 2401 Biology I
Social/Behavioral Sciences
PG 2401 General Psychology
Total Core General Education Course Hours for the Associate of Arts in Ministry/Bible 20
Concentration Courses
Select four from the following:
FD 2415 Biblical Interpretation
FD 2416 Spiritual Growth for Christian Women
NT 2440 The Passion of Christ and the Establishment of the Church
NT 2445 Miracles and Parables of Christ
PS 1415 How to Study the Bible
TH 2430 The Scheme of Redemption
TH 2435 Survey of Ecclesiastical History
Total Concentration Course Hours for the Associate of Arts in Ministry/Bible 16
Foundational Course
FD 1412 Management Intervention (required at the beginning of the student’s program) 4
Total Foundational and Capstone Course Hours 4
Elective Course Hours (select from 1000-2000 level courses) 24
Total Hours for the Associate of Arts in Ministry/Bible 64

Common Titles:

  • Pulpit Minister
  • Elder
  • Youth Minister
  • Missionary
  • Christian School Teacher
  • Chaplain
  • Minister of Education

Employment Setting:

  • Youth Services
  • Large Congregations
  • Hospitals
  • Armed Forces
  • Universities
  • Churches
  • Correctional facilities

 Job Listings:

Salary Information: