Amridge Laptop Program

Amridge University’s Chromebook Program

Amridge is committed to providing its students with learning tools that give them access to coursework and assignments from any location. As part of our commitment to embracing technology for education, the University has a Chromebook Program for teaching and learning that we believe benefits our students.

All students are given the opportunity to purchase laptop to use as a resource for accessing your courses on Canvas, completing assignments, and utilizing Amridge’s FREE Office 365 student software. 1-year warranty service agreement.

Due to a shortage in Chromebooks, the following Dell computer is offered for Fall 2020. These are offered on a first come first serve basis. We are limited in the number of computers we can obtain, order yours today!

  • $575 Laptop fee  –  Dell Latitude 5400 Chromebook Enterprise (Chrome OS) Computer specifications
  • Your price is based on an educational discount provided by Amridge University

Chromebook Program Agreement

To ensure the effective service and safe use of the laptop, Amridge University has partnered with a third party to ensure proper technical support and service for laptops. Amridge University will not service student laptops. All parts and services issues are covered by an extended servicing agreement.

Chromebook Program Shipment and Restrictions

Students who choose to take part in the Chromebook Program using Financial Aid Title IV, grants, and/or scholarship funds will be subject to course participation requirements. Laptops will be shipped by the third-party vendor selected by the University to the address the student provided during Admission and Enrollment. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure his/her address is correct and up to date. The University will not ship laptops to addresses that do not match the student information system. In order to make an address update, students will need to visit the MyAmridge Portal to update their address before the laptop is shipped.

Shipment will occur as soon as the Financial Aid department has determined a student has participated as required by Title IV. Timing is based on your disbursement plan. Participation is defined as the completion of coursework in each class in which they are enrolled. Most participation can be determined by the end of Week 2. Shipments will occur starting Week 3 and will continue on the Monday of each week. Delivery may take 5 – 7 days.

Students cannot pick up their laptop up at Amridge University. Students who pay the laptop technology fee, whether by Financial Aid payment or by personal credit card will receive their computer as soon as it has been determined that their registration fees, admission status, and financial aid status are in good standing with the University.