– Online Degree Programs for Working Adults –

College of General Studies

The College of General Studies provides Associate and Bachelors online degree programs via distance learning technologies that support working adults.

College of Business & Leadership

The College of Business and Leadership prepares students for careers and professions who seek an online program offered through an advanced level of study.

School of Education and Human Services

The School of Education and Human Services prepares students at the graduate level for careers and professions in Counseling, Education, and Leadership.

Turner School of Theology

Turner School of Theology offers online Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degree programs that support and instruct ministers, church leaders, teachers, and scholars.

Amridge University might be the best fit for you, here's why!

Amridge University has taught in the online education arena since 1993 because of the foresight and vision of the University leadership. As a result, the U.S. Department of Education chose Amridge University as one of the first 15 participants in the nation to pilot Distance Education on a broad level. This selection resulted in a change to the federal law and allowed more students to access distance education.

Amridge is an affordable private and Christian university, and 90% of our students qualifying for Federal Financial Aid. Additionally, we offer excellent scholarships and incentive discounts. Scholarships and incentives are available to Military Students, First Time Freshmen, Ministers, and Corporate Alliance partners.

Distance learning is the primary instructional delivery system for all our programs! Therefore, we focus on supporting you from your first point of inquiry, degree program selection and course registration. Our goal is to help you obtain your degree through rigorous Academic and Student Support Services. 

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Amridge University is a Top Ranked Distance Learning Degree Programs

Earn your online degree today! At Amridge University, students can earn a degree completely online. Choose from an online Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree program. All degree programs offered are 100% online! So, there are no requirements to attend campus. Because we deliver classes through distance learning, our courses are designed exclusively for distance learning. Campus attendance is not an attendance option at Amridge University. The absence of campus-based courses means our University is committed to distance learning. Therefore students can rest assured that all courses are delivered 100% online. Because of the flexibility provided with distance learning, students find our University is responsive to the needs of working adults.

To get started, match your area of interest to the programs we offer. You will notice that Amridge offers a wide range of degrees that create opportunities in many fields. So, most program descriptions include career fields that help students align their goals with a degree.

Further, graduates in our programs find distance learning to be a stepping stone to further their degree programs over the lifetime of their careers. Many of our students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree come back and finish a Master’s and Doctoral degree over time.