College of Business and Leadership

Dr Kenyetta McCurty

On behalf of the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in the College of Business and Leadership, I welcome you to Amridge University! Our mission is to prepare students with the managerial and leadership skills needed to succeed in the new business of the 21st century both domestically and globally.

Kenyetta McCurty, PhD

Dean, Amridge University College of Business and Leadership

Graduates of the College of Business and Leadership will be prepared for careers and professions that provide support and services for the well-being of individuals, family, or society and qualified to seek admission for advanced levels of study.

With a commitment to enhance student learning by providing educational opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels through a carefully planned and implemented program of study, the College of Business and Leadership provides bachelor-level degree programs that include the Associate of Arts in Business Administration, Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice, Associate of Arts in Human Resource Leadership, Associate of Arts in Information Systems Management, Associate of Arts in Web Development, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management, the Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Leadership, and the Bachelor of Science in Management as well as the graduate-level degree program, the Master of Science in Leadership and Management.  All of these programs support the mission of the University by preparing men and women, through a commitment to academic excellence, implementation of innovative teaching and learning strategies, emphasis in research, public service, distance education, and spiritual vitality, so that they can serve in their chosen profession in the church, community, or society.

Additionally, the University has a commitment to public service. Customized, on-demand needs may be met through continuing education efforts offered by the Amridge University School of Continuing Education. These training sessions are typically designed for life-long learners not pursuing academic degrees.


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