Early Credit and Dual Enrollment

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Early Credit and Dual Enrollment

Amridge University allows eligible high school students to enroll in online college classes prior to the completion of their high school coursework and/or concurrently while attending high school classes. Students may enroll in courses for which high school prerequisites have been completed and may receive college credit for their work. Any high school credit awarded is a matter between students and their high school and/or the appropriate local/state board or agency. Students are eligible for part-time enrollment for up to 16 credit hours upon acceptance into the Early Credit/ Dual Enrollment program.

Admission requirements for admission to early enrollment/dual credit enrollment:

  • Submission of a high school transcript
  • Have successfully completed the tenth grade and/or be at least 16 years old at the time of enrollment;
  • Meet or exceed a 3.25 high school grade point average and/or Score 18 or above on ACT or Score 900 on SAT
  • Submit a recommendation form from a teacher, guidance counselor, or principal that indicates the student possesses the necessary academic readiness, social maturity skills, and computer proficiency skills for successful participation in the Early Credit/Dual Enrollment program. (Amridge will provide you with the form you will use for recommendations)
  • Complete a program agreement form
  • Participate in the Dual Enrollment Enrichment Workshops each semester until 16 credit hours have been successfully completed.
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What is Early Credit? 

Early credit is when students simultaneously take college credit courses while enrolled in high school courses. This type of credit assumes the credit taken at a University is taken to start the process of obtaining college academic credits earlier than normal.

Total Number of Credits available in Amridge’s Early Credit and Dual Enrollment program

If students meet the admissions standards they can take no more than 8 hours per term with a maximum of 16 credit hours. (All courses are 4 credit hours per course.)

Enrollment Responsibilities of the Student and Parent

  • Textbooks and any required materials for the courses are the responsibility of the student.
  • The rights to private educational information (FERPA) transfer to the student upon enrollment, regardless of age.
  • High school IEP/504 plans are not honored by postsecondary institutions.
  • For students needing any accommodations for the course, the student must contact the college ADA representative before classes begin each term.
  • A grade of “D” or lower or withdrawal from a course will result in one term of ineligibility, can affect the future financial aid status of students, and can affect high school credits and GPA.
  • Students are subject to all policies within the Amridge University Academic Catalog.

Dual enrollment:

Dual enrollment occurs when students simultaneously take high school and college credit courses. This type of credit counts towards college credit AND their high school degree. Students interested in dual credit with their high school will need to seek approval from their high school counselor to make sure that the course qualifies for equivalent high school academic credit. Students will be responsible for having their Amridge transcript submitted to the high school representative for review and determination of high school credit as necessary.

If students are taking a course for dual credit, they will be asked to complete a form from a teacher, guidance counselor, or principal that indicates the student possesses the necessary academic readiness, social maturity skills, and computer proficiency skills for successful participation in the Dual Enrollment program.

Receipt of official transcripts for Dual Enrollment Credit:

Students can log in to the University Self Service portal to see their final grades and can see their “unofficial” transcript, however higher educational institutions will not take an unofficial transcript as proof of credit. To request an official transcript, you will be asked to access Amridge’s Clearinghouse Portal to make an official request. All official transcripts must be requested. There is a small fee to have those mailed or emailed to yourself, your high school, or another institution.