A withdrawal occurs when a student totally withdraws from all registered courses at the University during a semester.

Students with federal loans and grants who excessively withdraw from or drop courses jeopardize their satisfactory progress toward graduation and may be subject to loss of eligibility for federal financial aid.


A student who wishes to withdraw must officially complete the online withdrawal form via the My Amridge Portal no later than Friday of the 13th week of the semester. The withdrawal is considered accepted once the student completes and submits the Course Drop/Withdrawal e-form. The date the e-form is submitted is your official withdrawal date.

There are academic and financial responsibilities associated with withdrawal. The University recommends that students discuss their options with their advisor.


Withdrawal beginning on the first day of the semester will result in the charge of a $75 per course Drop Fee and a percentage of the tuition calculated at 10% of the total tuition cost per working day of the semester, regardless of either the date the student registers or the first day the course meets.  Fees are not refundable.


Students receiving Title IV funds at Amridge University must maintain certain academic requirements for the continuation of their aid as well as the retaining of their aid.

A student who did not earn at least one passing grade during a semester for which Title IV funds were disbursed must have a Return of Title IV Funds calculation performed to determine how much of the Title IV funds were earned. Unearned Title IV funds must be returned to the source, in most cases through charge/charges to the student’s Amridge University student accounts receivable. A student who did not begin attendance during a semester for which Title IV funds were disbursed will have any and all disbursed Title IV funds returned and is responsible for all charges for the semester.


Federal regulations require that schools use a “Return of Title IV Funds” calculation for cases in which a student receiving Title IV funds discontinues study during a given semester. When a student discontinues study (drops or withdraws from all courses in the semester) and has previously been awarded these funds, the university must determine if these funds are required to be returned to the appropriate Title IV programs.

The university is required to perform the calculation within thirty (30) days of the determination of the discontinuance of study.

The “withdrawal date” is the date the student withdraws, as determined by the school. If by the 50% point of the semester the student has not participated in their course/courses the university may unofficially withdraw the student and perform a return of Title IV funds. “Return of Title IV Funds” is the federally mandated process by which a school calculates the amount of Title IV funds to be returned for a Title IV recipient who begins attendance and subsequently withdraws, who ceases attendance during a semester, or who never begins class participation. The calculations may result in a reduction of the student’s Title IV funds to reflect the percentage of the semester that the student attended if he or she attended 60 percent or less of the semester. Based on these calculations, the school, and the student may be required to return any “unearned” Title IV funds.


Title IV funding regulations require that any student who began attendance but failed to earn a passing grade in at least one course in the semester and who did not officially withdraw shall be considered as having unofficially withdrawn unless the institution can document that the student completed the period of enrollment and earned the grade F.

Within 30 days of the end of the payment period or period of enrollment (official end of each semester), the Amridge University Financial Aid Department will, after review of academic grade reports or academic transcripts, identify Title IV recipients who have no passing grades, and will determine the students who have unofficially withdrew (ceased attendance without providing official notification or expressed intent to withdraw) during the payment period or period of enrollment, with a withdrawal date at the midpoint (50% of the semester indicated on the academic calendar) or the latter date of the semester. Students are identified based on having received all grades of F for the semester. Based on those grades, the semester’s Title IV funds will be recalculated to determine what portion of the Title IV funds were “earned” by the student.

The Return of Title IV Funds calculation will be performed for students determined to have unofficially withdrawn, using the midpoint (50% of the semester indicated on the academic calendar) or latter date of the semester as the withdrawal date. Based on these calculations, the school will be required to return any “unearned” Title IV funds within 30 days after determining the student earned no passing grades, resulting in a charge to the student’s account. Students will receive notification of this action via an updated billing statement.  All accounts must be paid in full before a student can register for another semester or receive a transcript.  Accounts that are not paid in full are subject to collection procedures.


Due to the federal requirements specified in the Program Integrity Regulations taking effect July 1, 2011, Amridge University has implemented a fast track appeals process for individuals who have been subject to unofficial withdrawals per this policy.  The provisions of the fast track appeals process are as follows:

  • Students who have been unofficially withdrawn by the University will be sent a notification email message and a letter sent via U.S. Postal Service Express Mail specifying that the student has been put on unofficial withdrawal within five (5) days of the University’s action;
  • The notified student will have 10 days to submit an appeal of the unofficial withdrawal action per this policy.  The student’s appeal must be completed online through the Amridge University’s appeal form on the My Amridge Portal
  • The University will have five (5) calendar days to hold an Appeals Committee meeting from submission of the student’s appeal.  The student will be notified via email the date and time of the Appeals Committee meeting;
  • Along with the appeal, the student must submit appropriate documentation showing that the student was actively engaged in his or her courses per the guidelines specified in this policy;
  • The student may, upon request, attend the meeting of the Appeals Committee in person or attend via telephone conference call at his or her expense;
  • The student will be notified via email and U.S. Postal Service first-class mail with return receipt, within three (3) calendar days of the respective Appeals Committee meeting, the decision of the Appeals Committee;
  • The student may appeal the decision of the Appeals Committee decision to the University’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) within seven (7) calendar days of the date of the email and U.S. Postal Service first class mail notifications.  The student’s appeal must be sent to the ELT via email to elt@amridgeuniversity.edu;
  • The University will have five (5) calendar days from the appeal submission date to hold an ELT meeting to discuss the student appeal.  The student will be notified via email and U.S. Postal Service first-class mail with return receipt, within three (3) calendar days of the respective Executive Leadership Team meeting, the decision of the Executive Leadership Team.  All decisions of the ELT on the respective appeal are final; and
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he or she monitors their email during this process and that their email system is working properly.

The provisions of the Fast Track Appeals apply only to University actions associated with unofficial withdrawals.  All other student appeals must be in accordance with the University’s Standard Appeals/Grievance Process specified in Section 8 of the Amridge University Academic Catalog.


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