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At Amridge University our Admissions and Academic Advising staff members are equipped to take you through many first steps in the Admission process. We will be here to answer your questions about applying for admission to Amridge, completing admissions requirements, selecting a program that fits your career goals and helping you choose the right courses once you are enrolled.

At Amridge University we understand the importance of knowing how much of the academic credit you previously earned will transfer when considering your enrollment options. As a result, we allow prospective students to request an unofficial evaluation of previously earned academic credit before their enrollment.

Request an Unofficial Evaluation: To ask for an unofficial assessment, send copies of your transcripts to our Academic Advisors at or fax 334.387.3878. Be sure to include your phone number, email address, and the degree program you are most interested in pursuing at Amridge, and an advisor will contact you within approximately three business days. Note: Your evaluation is strictly unofficial until you have completed an Application for Admission and submitted all required official documents for full admission. Once fully admitted, your Official Academic Plan will be available online on the Amridge University Self Service Portal.

Attention Preaching School Graduates: Amridge University is proud to announce its articulation agreements with the following schools of preaching:

  • Memphis School of Preaching
  • Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies
  • Florida School of Preaching
  • Bear Valley Bible Institute
  • Southwest School of Biblical Studies
  • Sunset International Bible Institute

Undergraduate Transfer Policies: Academic credit earned at other regionally or select nationally accredited institutions may be considered for transfer to Amridge University. When considering the acceptance of credit awarded by another institution, courses are evaluated on a case-by-case basis based upon their level, content, quality, comparability, and degree program relevance. Students transferring into a bachelor’s degree must complete a minimum of 40 semester hours at Amridge, and students transferring into an associate’s degree must complete a minimum 20 semester hours at Amridge. Students transferring less than 64 semester hours may be required to take specified courses to enhance basic skills, and only junior or senior level courses will substitute for core courses.

Courses Generally NOT Accepted for Transfer:

  • Remedial/Developmental Course
  • Physical Education/Performance-Type Courses (e.g. chorus, weight lifting, etc)
  • Vocational/Technical Courses (e.g. welding, automobile repair, etc)

The College-Level Examination Program ® (CLEP) provides you, the student, with a unique, flexible way to earn credit toward an undergraduate degree using the knowledge you have already acquired. One CLEP exam could help you earn up to 12 college credits toward your associate or bachelor degree. Read more about CLEP exams online at Note: Credit may be applied to general education requirements or elective requirements, only. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss CLEP options with an academic advisor before scheduling CLEP exams.

Other Nontraditional Credit: Credit may be awarded for national testing programs such as Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Subject Standardized Testing Program (DSST), and Excelsior College Examinations (formerly ACT/PEP).

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

Your CGPA from other institutions is considered for admission, however, once enrolled only the courses taken at Amridge University are used in the calculation of your CGPA.

Student Classifications:

Freshman 0 – 32
Sophomore 33 – 64
Junior 65 – 96
Senior 97 – 128

Amridge University has established academic credit transfer policies by accreditation standards and the Transfer of Academic Credit Position Statement of the Southern Association of College and Schools Commission on Colleges. As such, the University may consider several factors in the determination of transfer credit acceptance that include, but not limited to, level, content, quality, comparability, and degree program relevance. Read our policies concerning admissions and the transfer and awarding of academic credit in Section 3 – Admissions of the Amridge University Academic Catalog.

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Step 1  – Fill out a Request for Information, and we will contact you to answer all your questions.   Our academic advisor and admissions staff can save valuable time by providing clear answers, detailing steps, and requesting transcripts on your behalf.

Step 2  – Apply for Admission. Your $50 application fee covers transcript request fees, evaluation services, and other administrative costs.

Step 3 – Request Your Transcripts from prior high school and college attendance. Amridge University will help new and transferring students obtain their official transcripts.

Applicants can fill out a Transfer Request Release form and return the signed form by emailing or through fax to 334.387.3878, and our Admissions staff will request your official transcripts on your behalf.

Step 4 – Apply for Admission. Follow the above  3 steps to ensure you have received all the information you need to choose the right degree for you.

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The enrollment process is quick and easy because of the online format. But, that’s not all you will be required to complete. It is very important that you work with our Admissions team to ensure all transcripts are received, that your Financial Aid forms have been completed and that you have spoken to your advisor about your selected degree plan. These last few steps are extremely important. Your program may include specific admission requirements; make sure you review the Academic Catalog for your program specific requirements. Any question regarding this can be handled by our staff.

Requirements for All Programs:

  • Admission application and non-refundable $50 application fee
  • Sufficient computer skills to use the basic typing, editing, and printing functions of a word-processing package
  • Official transcript(s) from previous institutions for degree and post-degree coursework, if applicable
  • Minimum GPA as defined by your program

Minimum Requirements:

  • Associate’s and Bachelor’s students must submit proof of a high school diploma, first-time freshman are required to submit an ACT or SAT score, and transfer students are not required to provide a standardized test.
  • Master’s students must submit an official transcript showing an earned four-year Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from a regionally or selected nationally accredited institution.
  • Doctoral students must submit an official transcript showing an earned Graduate degree from a regionally or selected nationally accredited institution, a writing sample (e.g. Career Monograph, Published Journal Article, Term paper from master’s degree or doctoral dissertation or other applicable writing sample) and be interviewed.

GRE, GMAT, SAT, or ACT are not required for admission.

Program Degree Change

Students changing from one degree program to another will be subject to the requirements of the new program for which they are seeking application. A Program Degree Change application must be filled out online for the application to be accepted and changed by the University.   The student will be charged a $50 non – refundable application fee. If a student has two consecutive semesters of F’s, the student will not be allowed to change to another degree program. Additionally, students who do not meet the qualitative and quantitative standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) who are on a Financial Aid plan will not be allowed to change their degree program. Speak to your academic advisor if you have questions regarding the degree change process.


It is important that students who seek to finish their degree with Amridge University stay enrolled concurrently in their program. Students who stop out for more than three (3) semesters will be required to apply for re-entry into a new or prior program. Upon re-entry, a student will be required to fill out a Re-Admission Application and pay a $50 non – refundable fee. Additionally, transfer credit will be re-evaluated based on the institutional parameters in place at the point of re-entry. Speak to your academic advisor if you have questions regarding the Re-Admission process.

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