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Step 1: Select the Create Profile. Complete the profile if you are considering completing an application for Admission to our University, you will first need to create a profile.

After completing this process you will be taken to the main Amridge Portal page. You will receive an email from Amridge University containing information you will need to login to the main MyAmridge Log In page.

Step 2: Use the FREE waiver code when completing your application.

If you need additional information before you apply, request information and we will call you to help you with any questions.

Contact us by phone if you would like to speak with an Admission representative:

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As a SACSCOC accredited online university, we offer affordable and flexible online programs for the non-traditional student. Students can take classes any time of the day or night, allowing them to integrate their education into their everyday lives.  Whether you want to pursue a bachelors degree, masters degree, or even a doctoral degree, Amridge offers the online degree programs you need to receive a solid education in your chosen field and improve your status in the job market.