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June 30, 2018
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Amridge University Placed in the Annual Ranking of the Best Online HR Bachelor’s

HR top 25

People, simply put, are the most valuable asset of any organization. Businesses thrive or fail based on the strength of their employees’ commitment, talent, efficiency, and performance. But getting the best people in the best position for them- and getting their best performance- takes serious expertise. Human Resources is the practice of hiring, administering, and training personnel, and the management of such employment issues as compensation and labor practices. Human Resource Managers need to be strategists, leaders, negotiators, and arbiters, with the ability to relate well to people and to think analytically. Today’s Human Resource Professionals must also be tech-savvy, globally aware, and attuned to issues in workplace diversity. An online bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management can prepare you for entry into this flexible, stimulating, and rewarding field.

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