Amridge University Military Awards 2017
Amridge University Named to Victory Media’s 2017 Military Spouse Friendly Schools® List
March 13, 2017
Canvas Implementation - Dr. Kenyetta McCurty
Amridge University will be changing our Learning Management System (LMS) to Canvas – Starting Summer 2017!
April 7, 2017
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Become an Online Learner

Online Degrees

Choosing to become an online learner can be a new adventure for those who have never studied or taken a course through the online learning format.   We encourage you to read through the reasons why you should consider Amridge University.

The average college bound student is NOT 18 – 22 years old any longer. As more adult learners are engaging in higher education, Amridge University is uniquely poised to best serve the needs of an adult learner.

  • Online classes are specifically designed to accommodate the working schedule of adults and those with multiple responsibilities.
  • This does not imply that students will have less work to do, but it does mean that they can save time in travel to and from campus, save money that would be spent paying a babysitter, and they get to be a part of the big events in their lives (ball practice, dinner, putting children to bed, etc.).

Amridge is an affordable online University!  Our Financial Aid department is available to provide you with the information you need to finance your education while our enrollment staff is ready to help you complete the necessary steps for admission to Amridge. 

  • Our Financial Aid Officers are available to share with you the cost of  tuition for the program you choose to purse and provide an overview of your awards package.
  • Our enrollment staff stands ready to help you through the entire admissions process.  We will help you obtain your official transcripts and official documents with no cost to you.

Faculty members are trained in appropriate educational practices designed to accommodate the adult learner in an online environment.

  • Every month instructors attend professional development workshops on how to design online instruction and utilize instructional technology to optimize student learning. In addition, they receive weekly updates on professional development techniques in the areas of technology, instructional strategies, and writing/scholarship/publication.

Amridge University offers small classroom sizes  

  • How many times have you experienced (or heard about) the auditorium classrooms provided by some universities? Well, not at Amridge University. The small classroom size allows the instructor and students the opportunity to truly interact with each other.
  • In addition, Amridge University hosts a policy that directs faculty to respond to students within a 36 hour time frame. Now, could you ever have expected that from your instructors? So when students graduate, they have had the opportunity to really know their instructors.

One-on-one assistance (Wonderful student services features)

  • Although students are technically online, they are more “connected” than ever. Help is only a phone call, email, chat, away.
  • But more importantly, faculty and staff often are the ones who reach out to the students. Instructors submit a student report at weeks 3, 6, and 9. If there is a concern, staff members contact students. If students fall behind in other ways, staff and faculty again reach out to the student. It is remarkable!
  • Academic Services are second to none. From the incorporation of technology features to tutorial services, there are accommodations galore.

 Highly credentialed staff with appropriate communication skills

  • At Amridge University all faculty members are highly qualified/credentialed. You will not find Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, or instructional/teacher aides in the classroom. Every instructor is uniquely qualified to teach his/her subject area. We don’t feel that any class lacks the value to assign to someone with lesser credentials.
  • All instructors at Amridge University are effective communicators. There is no language or cultural barrier that impedes the educational pursuits of students.