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August 19, 2019
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Corporate Alliance Program

Corporate Alliance

Corporate Alliance Rates at Amridge University Online are the right fit for employees who receive tuition assistance.

With the special corporate alliance rates in mind, you can choose from over 30 online degree programs designed to meet the needs of employees of large, medium and small companies. Thousands of employers provide tuition assistance and job promotion incentives to their employees. To get started, your organization will not be obligated to sign an official agreement with Amridge. Call our admissions recruitment staff and let us know what company you are currently working with. You may be surprised to find out there are many members of your company attending with us. Call us to discuss your options. 1.888.790.8080 Extension 1 or email

Corporate Alliance Rate Recipients must meet the following criteria:

  • Can be enrolled (HT) half- time and (FT) full time.
  • Have at least 2 employees from the same company.
  • Provide letter of employment from company Human Resources Department
  • This must be received by the fourth week of the semester.

Special rates for undergraduate students: $235 for semester hour. Special rates for graduate students: $395 per semester hour.

All undergraduate courses taught at Amridge University are four-semester-hour courses.

A student who wishes to meet full-time Financial Aid requirements will only have to take three courses rather than four at Amridge University. Making a Living and Going to School at the Same Time is a Challenge. Amridge University’s convenient online Internet course work provides all employees round the clock access at a time and from a location that is convenient.  A student can read and review all assignments, participate in course discussions, complete assignments, take exams, submit term papers, review faculty feedback, and still work and provide for one’s family. If you have prior academic credit, we will look at all your transfer credit and apply all eligible education credit, which will enable a student to finish his or her degree program at a fast pace. All prior academic credit will be duly considered!